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Prices start at $198*


When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing like getting into a car that’s already warmed up and ready to go! Getting a remote starter for your car not only allows you to get your car warmed up without you needing to leave the house, but also makes snow removal easier, can help increase your car’s resale value, and may even help improve engine performance. Performance Detailing offers remote car starter installation, with both 1 way and 2 way remote starter systems available.

What’s the difference? With a 1 way remote starter, you press a button and your car starts. It’s a lot like the keyless entry system your car came with, because communication only goes one way — from the remote to your car. With a 2 way remote starter system, on the other hand, communication goes both ways. That means your car can send a response back to the remote to let you know the command was received and that your car is warming up.

If you’re interested in remote starter installation for your car, just ask us and we’ll let you know if your vehicle is eligible. Our remote starter pricing includes the bypass module and a lifetime warranty on parts and installation — everything but the key fob. We do all remote starter installations ourselves in our Orland Park premises.

Call us for a free quote on a car remote starter system that can make winter a lot easier on you and your car!

*Some vehicles may require additional bypass modules, additional charge for push to start, prices subject to change without notice, call for more info. * Remote key fob not included under warranty

Remote Starters are installed on premises in our Orland Park Location- We do not outsource!